Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

R&D Focus: Therapeutic areas with highly unmet medical needs

We are committed to discovering and developing new
therapies, built on a deep understanding of the biology behind

R&D Focus: Product innovations that empower consumers

We develop innovative products that enhance the vitality and immunity of consumers. In a word: Products that support people to stay healthy.

R&D Focus: Diagnostics and treatment of allergic diseases

Based on research on the fundamentals of allergies and on the mechanisms of treating them, Allergopharma is developing innovative strategies for diagnosing and treating allergies, a widespread disease.

R&D Focus: Innovations in Bioscience, Lab Solutions, and Process Solutions

We have a strong pipeline in Bioscience, Lab Solutions, and
Process Solutions to continuously drive innovation that helps
our customers.

R&D Focus: (R)evolutionary innovations in LC/OLED technologies

As an innovation leader, we are constantly developing new technologies and markets for its customers in close cooperation with the research and development departments in the display industry.


Innovations for a better quality of life: our research activities

Improving quality of life for people everywhere. That is the mission of our research activities in the constant quest for innovations.
After all, this is the only way to sustainably maintain our leadership in the business sectors Healthcare, Life Science and Performance Materials.






• Oncology
• Immuno-Oncology
• Immunology
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Biosimilars
• Neglected Diseases 

Strategic partnerships / alliances  with:
• biotech companies
• clinical research groups
• academic institutions


Consumer Health - OTC pharmaceuticals

• Probiotics
• Prenatal and postnatal care
• Nasal decongestants
• Allergy
• Pain
• Jointcare and mobility
• Anemia / Iron deficiency


Allergopharma - Allergen immunotherapy

• Immunology
• Molecular allergology
• Biotechnology
• Analytical methods
• Clinical research

European Allergy Congress 2014: Poster award for the dose-finding study with a new grass pollen allergoid

German Allergy Congress / European Allergy Congress / World Allergy Congress (2013): Poster awards for research work on mass spectrometric analysis of allergens as part of quality assurance

Cooperation agreements with clinical research groups and academic institutions on:
• Mechanisms of allergies and allergen-specific immunotherapy
• Animal models in allergology 
• Biomarkers
• Adjuvants/immunomodulation

Project for a new biotechnologically based generation of allergy therapeutics with S-TARget


Life science

• Bioscience
• Lab Solutions
• Process Solutions

• R&D 100 Awards for Simplicon™ RNA Reprogramming Technology and for AFS® water systems• American Business Award for AFS® water systems


Performance Materials - High-tech chemicals

• Liquid Crystals
• Organic photovoltaics
• Printable electronic materials
• Pigments, functional materials and additives for coatings, industrial applications and printing 
• Pigments and ingredients for cosmetics

"2015 Display Industry Award" and "German Innovation Award" for UB-FFS (Ultra Bright Fringe Field Switching - enables energy-efficient touchscreens) 

Meyer-Galow-Prize for business chemistry for energy-efficient liquid crystals for smartphones and tablet PCs 

We hold more than 2,500 patents for liquid crystals and around 1,400 patents for OLED technologies.

Strategic partnership with printer manufacturer Seiko Epson to
develop technologies for printing OLED displays:
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Free-form displays in the cockpit

What was once known as the dashboard can now justifiably be called a cockpit: Our innovations for LC displays are opening up new dimensions that will also benefit automobile designers.

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Read more on M - The Explorer Magazine

More safety: Smart automotive lighting

In cooperation with industrial partners such as Hella and Porsche, we are developing a headlight system that will improve traffic safety – thanks to liquid crystals shutters for sensitive responding.

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