Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

The Access to Medicine Foundation

Based in the Netherlands, the Access to Medicine Foundation aims to improve access to healthcare for unserved and underserved populations. To this end, it benchmarks the activities and initiatives of the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies with the Access to Medicine Index. In 2013, Wim Leereveld, founder of the Access to Medicine Foundation, explains the organization’s objectives in a video interview.

Access to Medicine Index: We are among the top five

For many people in less developed countries, gaining access to healthcare is a problem. They lack of effective and affordable medicines, trained personnel who know which medicines to administer, clean drinking water, and the infrastructure for distribution.

These are challenges that call for support from pharmaceutical companies. Every two years, the Access to Medicine Foundation publishes an index that evaluates to what extent the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are successfully meeting these challenges. In the 2016 Index, our company came in fourth. This result means we have moved up two places since the last ranking.

The Access to Medicine Foundation has especially recognized us for providing Minilabs in less developed countries to detect counterfeit medicines, supporting local pharmaceutical companies with our expertise, furthering vaccine production locally, closing the gaps in the healthcare infrastructure in rural areas of India through the Su-Swastha and Swasthya Yatra projects, and managing our intellectual property situation transparently.

Our Praziquantel Donation Program, which we are pursuing in cooperation with the World Health Organization to eliminate the dangerous tropical disease schistosomiasais, was also evaluated by the Access to Medicine Index, as were our activities to curb the spread of the Zika virus in Latin America as well as to develop a test kit to detect HIV/AIDS in blood.
Creating access to health
Creating access to health
We are committed to helping populations who have access to neither diagnosis, treatment nor preventive care. We offer programs and initiatives targeted specifically to people’s needs.
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Helping physicians in rural India
Helping physicians in rural India
People hardly have any access to adequate medical care in the extremely impoverished rural regions of the Indian subcontinent. Our company is helping physicians and pharmacists in India through the Swasthya Yatra project, which mainly provides advanced training and medicines.  But this step can only be a beginning.
> The “Journey to Health” is a long one (M – The Explorer Magazine)
> Project details can be found in our CR Report update
Minilab: A laboratory in a suitcase
Minilab: A laboratory in a suitcase
Developed by the Global Pharma Health Fund, the Minilab has been specifically designed for use in regions with a simple infrastructure. This mobile compact laboratory allows counterfeit medicines to be detected quickly, easily and inexpensively. The analyses do not rely on external power sources and normal drinking water suffices for the experiments.
> More information on the Minilab can be found on our website
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