Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
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The car of the future

Autonomous driving, alternative engine types, online communication, adaptive headlights, multiple design options for interior lighting, free-form displays – the car of tomorrow will set new standards in terms of functionality and aesthetics. With our futuristic concept car, we are venturing a look into the future and are pointing out the areas where our materials can be used.

The car of the future with materials from our company

How can we have less congested roads, fewer accidents, cleaner air, relaxed driving, and more free space in overcrowded cities and still remain mobile? The cars of tomorrow are to meet these expectations by using the possibilities of autonomous driving, alternative engine types and digital connectivity. Our high-tech materials are also being used to build the car of the future.That’s why we are focusing on the future of mobility at our Displaying Futures” symposium. The theme of this year’s symposium is “Driving Forces”.
car of the future
Smarter. Lighter. Faster
In the coming years, automotive developments will see unprecedented advances – making the difference between the Model T Ford (1908) and the Tesla Roadster (2008) seem relatively small. New sources of energy. New worlds. New intelligence. The smart car of the 21st century is expected to reduce CO2 emissions and  meet a diverse range of user mobility requirements while navigating autonomously and providing passengers with all the information they need to travel from A to B. In countless laboratories around the world, research is being conducted on materials and technologies to enable this. One of them is in Darmstadt.
The Hella Light Tunnel


How can automotive lighting perfectly illuminate the road without blinding other traffic? For decades, manually turning the high beams on and off was the solution. Until technology made automatic matrix lighting possible. Now, research is already being conducted on the next development: light that can be controlled even more precisely thanks to our liquid crystals in the lamps.


What was once known as the dashboard has today become the cockpit. Mechanical instruments no longer inform drivers of their speed, RPM etc. Instead, displays provide the whole picture. And LC display innovations from our company will noticeably expand the cockpit even further. Designers and leading automotive manufacturers alike are looking forward to this, for instance,  Alpine.


Displaying Futures: Symposium 2016
"Driving Forces – inspired by Performance Materials“ – at this year's Displaying Futures symposium on September 8, futurists and mobility experts will be interacting with designers and experts from the automotive production and supply industry.


Driving the Future
Today, many cars already contain materials from our company, for example effect pigments for automotive paints, liquid crystals and OLEDs in displays, semiconductors in computer chips, LEDs and OLEDs. And in the future, our liquid crystals will be used in free-form displays, in mobile antenna applications, sunroofs, and adaptive headlights.


News release “Displaying Futures“


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