Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Advancing Lab Water Purification Technology with Milli-Q® IQ 7000 System

„We focused on making the lab water equipment smaller and more efficient“, says Udit Batra, Member of the Executive Board and CEO Life Science. Get an impression of the new lab water purification technology.

No science without pure water

Water affects all facets of life. Nothing flourishes and nothing grows without it. Water is especially important for scientists, as an essential element in all chemical, pharmaceutical and food and beverage testing around the world. Water with even the slightest impurities can have detrimental effects on lab test results. For example, testing to ensure we have essentials such as safe food and drink, fresh air, effective medicine and even nontoxic personal care products require ultrapure water. Any contamination in the water—like sodium, iron, pesticides, hormones or other water pollutants —can lead to misleading or even incorrect conclusions, and thus the need redo experiments. Providing ultrapure water ultimately accelerates access to health and well being.

Our commitment to making testing easier and faster and ensuring water purity for the past 50 years has resulted in reliance our water purity innovations for critical experiments. This has led us to a new innovation in lab water purification.

The Milli-Q® IQ 7000 system is a smaller, more ergonomic, environmentally friendly system that reduces waste and increases productivity, reflecting our legacy of pioneering innovations in lab water purification. The new system reduces lab waste, with purification cartridges that are 33 percent smaller than previous versions. It also reduces energy use with a hibernation mode that can be initiated when the system is not in use.

It all started in the mid-1960s, when a group of our engineers had the idea of developing a water purification system for the microelectronics industry based on the company’s competencies in filtration. This first product, known as “Super-Q”, was a revolution at the time. It was the first system equipped with a water quality meter and a purification process based on a kit of disposable purification cartridges. The concept of ultrapure water system for lab scientists was born, and our company has been evolving its water purification innovations ever since.

When designing the Milli-Q® IQ 7000 system, our development team not only took to heart the customer's needs, but also our desire for a more sustainable world. This latest innovation allows customers to advance science, further faster by focusing on problem solving rather than worrying about the quality of their lab water.


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