Performance Materials – High-tech chemicals

Performance Materials comprises the Liquid Crystals, Pigments & Cosmetics and Advanced Technologies business units.


Advanced display materials bring communication to life


Lighting up the future with our company

Solar & Energy

Solar cells and energy applications - using energy efficiently.


Innovation and experience for the world of cosmetics - when beauty means passion, our active ingredients & pigments are your choice.

Printing, Plastic, Coating

Pigments – tiny particles with a big effect - coatings, plastics and print products refined with effect pigments give a unique touch to surfaces and enhance the emotional effect of colors and coating applications.

Food and Pharmaceuticals

Unique and unmistakable – pearlescent colors give food products an exclusive appearance and also help to make medicines easily distinguishable.

Chemicals for Electronic Industry

The portfolio of AZ Electronic Materials encompasses process chemicals for the production of integrated circuits used in electronic devices such as computers, smart phones, mp3 players and games consoles, photoresists for the production of flat panel screens as well as silicon-chemistry based products for optoelectronics.


Performance Materials – High-tech chemicals

The Performance Materials business offers specialty chemicals that are used in a variety of end products:
The full product portfolio of Performance Materials encompasses a wide range of highly innovative materials for future technologies and high-tech chemicals for sophisticated applications serving a broad customer base. For many years now, we have been the market leader in liquid crystals for LCD televisions as well as effect pigments.
Customer centricity has always been our focus. Our company sees itself not only as a supplier of products and raw materials, but also as a competent partner capable of supporting customers along their entire value chain.
We are extending our leading position in innovation
Customers from the consumer electronics, lighting, printing technology, plastics and cosmetics industries make use of materials and solutions from our company. Thanks to strong and continuous investments in research & development, we are constantly expanding our leading position as an innovator and reliable partner.


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LCD Explorer
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Using hamster cells to fight multiple sclerosis

Michel Revel has developed the multiple sclerosis drug Rebif®. He has dedicated his entire career as a researcher to the search for MS treatments.

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The car couturier shows his passion for color

The technology visionary Rainer Buchmann enhances automobiles with pearl luster effect paints containing pigments from our company.

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