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Innovation and quality

In the pharmaceuticals market, we stand for innovative therapies focusing on people: Our prescription medicines – comprising mainly biopharmaceuticals – are used in neurodegenerative diseases, oncology, fertility, endocrinology, cardiometabolic diseases and general medicine. Our consumer health range comprises over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to address mobility, women’s and children’s health, cough and cold, as well as everyday health protection.
In the chemicals business, our brand name stands for premium quality and reliability, for innovation and customer proximity. Our portfolio of high-tech chemicals comprises liquid crystals for LC displays of flat-panel televisions, notebooks and mobile telephones, LED and OLED materials for lighting, materials for solar panels, effect pigments, as well as active ingredients and excipients for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical products, effect pigments and functional materials for coatings, printing and plastics, as well as high-purity specialty chemicals for the electronics industry. With our life science tools we offer technologies, tools and solutions for customers in life science research as well as biotech and pharmaceutical production.

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Performance Materials

EMD Millipore


Publication of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
In the United States and Canada the subsidiaries of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, operate under the umbrella brand EMD.
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Putting the parasite out of business

According to WHO estimates, malaria killed around 627,000 people in 2012, the majority of which were children. That makes the mosquito-borne disease one of the most dangerous on earth.

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World-class creations from the Odenwald

Bernd Siefert sweetens every moment. His advice about rosemary fruitcake, tonka truffles and spectacular wedding cakes is in great demand worldwide.

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Looking for the customer of the future

“The customer is king” is a simple truth. But what customers really want is often still a mystery. Although there has never been as much customer data available as there is now.

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