Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Work-life balance and health

As a family-friendly company, we help our employees maintain a balance between their professional and private lives. This motivates our workforce, bolsters their performance and makes us even more attractive as an employer. We offer numerous health programs to support this approach.
More work flexibility through mywork@merck
More work flexibility
Through our flexible working model, our exempt employees at our sites in Darmstadt, Gernsheim and Grafing, Germany have more freedom in choosing when and where they work. This initiative seeks to boost both our performance as well as the culture of trust within the company. How does it work? Employees have the flexibility of selecting when and where they work. They no longer clock in and out – what matters is that they perform to expectations. To ensure that this system works smoothly, supervisors and employees agree on concrete goals. Non-exempt employees with a suitable job can also take advantage of our flexible working model. At the end of December 2016, a total of 4,507 employees were making use of this model.
Merck daycare center: building, teaching, playing
Our daycare center: Building, teaching, playing
"Start small, grow big" - our daycare center has been operating under this motto since 1968. Members of the Merck family founded the facility's board of trustees to mark our 300th anniversary. To this day, they continue to operate the daycare center, making it one of the oldest industry-operated institutions of its kind in Germany.
In 2013, the board of trustees expanded the daycare center with a new addition built according to passive construction standards. The facility currently offers 150 slots for children of both employees as well as non-employees: 60 for children up to three years of age, 60 for preschool and kindergarten children, and another 30 for children up to 12 years old.
When not participating in joint activities for everyone, the children decide in their individual groups what to build, learn or play. The ratio of children to caregivers is another indication of the quality of our daycare center: one teacher to four children in the nursery, one to seven in the play school, and one to 10 in the school daycare program.
Merck running track: We're on the move!
Our running track: We're on the move!
Get up and get moving during the workday - quickly and easily! In June 2015, we opened our own running track, a signed four-kilometer path that leads around our site in Darmstadt. With its four starting points and path markings every 400 meters, the track can be used for many purposes.
It is suited to all tastes, whether people out walking to explore the premises, beginner joggers, or even more ambitious runners engaged in interval training. It can be used at any time − to relax during lunch or to take a simple head-clearing jog.Changing rooms with showers and lockers allow employees to go running during their lunch break, for instance.
Our running track is a component of our Health Management efforts. It constitutes part of an overall concept with activities to promote the fitness and health of our employees.
Beyond this, we also support the annual Darmstädter Firmenlauf (Darmstadt Company Run), and we regularly field a team of employees in the JP Morgan Chase Company Run held every year in Frankfurt, Germany.


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