Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Projects across the globe

Our commitment to the community goes beyond our headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. As an international company, we also get involved across the more than 60 sites we have worldwide.

China: Clean drinking water for elementary schools

In several regions of China, clean drinking water cannot to be taken for granted. That is why our employees in China have launched the School Water project. To date, we have donated drinking water purification facilities to five elementary schools in Shanghai and one elementary school in Sichuan province. More than 100 employees and university students volunteer their time to explain topics such as sustainability and environmental protection to the school children. In addition, our company services the facilities. To date, around 5,500 school children have benefited from this project. The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China and the Bertelsmann foundation have granted the "More than a Market" award to the School Water project. The award recognizes social engagement of German companies in China.

Germany: Stimulating interest in chemistry

Our school sponsorship concept aims to make young talent interested in science, in particular chemistry. Our Darmstadt site supports a large number of schools in Germany by providing them with materials and sharing expertise − from first grade to high school. Since 2008, we have been running the Junior Laboratory in partnership with the Technical University of Darmstadt. This initiative offers students the chance to conduct their own experiments under the guidance of trained professionals. In addition to this program, we have also been supporting the "Jugend forscht" competition for more than 30 years. Since 1996, we've been running the state-level competition for the German Federal State of Hesse and have also hosted the national competition twice.

Italy: Building bridges by promoting literature

People often have a hard time accepting new ideas; they are skeptical of change and consequently of research as well. We believe that literature can build goodwill and foster understanding, that it can even broaden people's mental horizons. This is why we launched the Premio Letterario of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany in Italy in 2003: to recognize authors who use their writing to build bridges between literature and science, and therefore make scientific topics more approachable to the general public. Since 2007, we've been using the Premio Letterario award ceremony to also honor the winners of the "La scienza narrata" creative writing competition. On top of this we've added our Talent project. This initiative provides the La scienza narrata winners with training as well as the opportunity to become part of the online editing team for the project blog.

Brazil: Building social inclusion through music

In the vicinity of our Rio de Janeiro site, many children and adolescents live in unstable socioeconomic conditions. They need help, which is why we support projects run by the School of Music and Citizenship. Launched in 2011 to build social inclusion, this initiative has enabled 400 socially disadvantaged children and adolescents to learn to play a musical instrument. It is also working to build a youth orchestra. During our philharmonic orchestra’s 2015 concert tour in Brazil, we provided further support to the School of Music and Citizenship: we donated a portion of our concert ticket proceeds and hosted an orchestra workshop for youth. As part of the workshop, the children practiced playing music with the orchestra’s professionals and performed with them at the gala concert.

Worldwide: Experiencing the natural sciences first-hand

We want to spark enthusiasm for the natural sciences among school children and promote their curiosity. That's why in early 2016 we launched SPARK, a volunteer program for our life science employees to strengthen scientific education. To date, around 4,500 employees have provided exciting insights into the world of science in classrooms and at our sites in 36 countries. Around 60,000 school children put on lab coats and conducted experiments under supervision.

India: Improving living conditions in Jharkhand

The mica we use to manufacture our effect pigments is sourced in Jharkhand, a region in northeastern India where child labor is very commonplace. Young people there have hardly any reliable options for education or vocational training. In partnership with the IGEP Foundation, we have worked to develop education and health programs in the region. We operate schools with daycare centers, support vocational training programs, and help promote child-friendly villages. We are also funding a health center that serves around 150 patients a month. A doctor and a nurse pay visits to nearby schools to provide services such as immunizations. Thanks to this facility, the region's 20,000 residents now have access to health care for the first time.

Africa and Asia: Improving health through awareness

Proper treatment for non-infectious diseases such as cancer and diabetes is frequently unavailable in developing health systems, often because physicians lack the necessary knowledge. We’re working to change this situation through our Capacity Advancement Program (CAP). We help educate current and aspiring health care professionals by teaching them effective measures for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. By the end of 2016, the Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany Universities Program had reached 17,000 students from universities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia, Ghana, Ethiopia, Angola, India, and the United Arab Emirates, providing them with European-accredited clinical diabetes and hypertension management training. In addition to this effort, we also launched the More than a Mother campaign in Kenya in 2015. This initiative provides med students and general practitioners with crucial medical knowledge on infertility and also seeks to challenge society’s perception of the roles and worth of women suffering from this condition.

Projects across the globe

As an international company, it goes without saying that we must live our commitment to the community across our sites worldwide. In selecting community involvement projects, our subsidiaries choose initiatives that reflect our three strategic spheres of activity (health, environment and culture). They decide for themselves at the local level which projects they wish to support. Once a year, we conduct surveys to ascertain the regional scope of our community involvement, as well as identify our objectives and focus.
Rapid, simple disaster relief
We provide disaster relief in emergency situations, especially in those regions where we operate.
In April 2015, we entered into a three-year agreement with the German Red Cross that aims to make disaster relief simpler and faster. We support German Red Cross activities and projects by donating goods or funds. Take for instance our aid to Lebanese refugees. In December 2015, we donated EUR 50,000 toward the operation of emergency medical aid stations in Lebanese refugee camps. This donation sought to fight the reasons for flight as well as help the people close to their homeland.


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