Candurin® pigments for food and pharmaceuticals create brilliant pearl effects you can eat! Candurin® is the perfect tool for safe and innovative edible design.

Safe, versatile, enticing

With Candurin®, you’re free to create extraordinary color effects for your products that users won’t find anywhere else. The Candurin® line offers an exquisite range of mineral, nonartificial, and vegan pearl effect colors for use in food and pharmaceutical products. Based on a natural silicate or silica combined with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide, these pigments fulfill international safety standards for food products and full GMP compliance, making them the perfect tool for safe and innovative product design and brand differentiation.

From silver, gold, and interference effects to red and bronze hues – the colors have excellent stability and can be perfectly combined with other colorings. The application possibilities are virtually endless: sophisticated chocolates, fun fruit gums, tasty ice creams, cool drinks, differentiated tablets, iridescent capsules, and many more.

With Candurin®, you can choose from a rainbow of shining pearl effects. Depending on particle size (from 5 to 150 microns), you can go for a smooth sheen with maximum hiding power, an all-out burst of glitter, or anything in between. Additionally, it comes in easy and stable formulations. Use Candurin® on its own or combine it with other colorants – and you will seduce your customers’ eyes and palates with the magnetic appeal of pure indulgence.

Special feature: Exceptional brilliance creates enormous potential for styling food and packaging! Think about inside and outside, for example, of your premium chocolate with our special effect pigments for decorative packaging and food-grade Candurin® pigments for edible treats.

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