Pearlescence plus absorption equals color! Colorona® color luster pigments add not just color, but ready-to-use, intense, vivid color and shine.

Two pigments are better than one

The shades of the Colorona® pigments are particularly intense, combining deep absorption color and interference effect all in one. The combination of pearl luster and color in one effect pigment results in a significantly more brilliant color effect than a simple mixture of the two components.

Cult favorites in every color

Looks you long for

Our Colorona® metallic luster pigments display highly lustrous and warm earth tone color shades while our Colorona® gold pigments come up with irresistible gold effects with high impact.

Intense shades that illuminate 

Looking for intensity but want more color? Our Colorona® Color Luster pigments build a range of very colorful and truly intense pigments of various color shades. 

Discover the beauty of black pearls 

Our Colorona® Blackstar colors provide the characteristic magical luster of black pearls in all the colors of the rainbow. Pure black is your favorite pick? Colorona® Mica Black is a non-pearlescent black pigment providing a dark background for enigmatic cosmetic formulations. 


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