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Durazane®: high-performance coating solutions for applications related to mobility, architecture, and industry.

Ultimate protection

The Durazane® product range offers multifunctional surface protection featuring high-temperature resistance, water/dirt repellency, and protection against scratches, weathering, and corrosion. These polymers are based on polysilazanes, produced using advanced silicon polymer technology, and provide a novel solution in the area of high-performance coating solutions. The typical applications range from high-temperature coatings in the automotive and aerospace sectors to architectural coatings and surface protection against detrimental effects from weathering and corrosion.


  • Very good thermal resistance (up to 1000°C)
  • Excellent scratch, impact, and abrasion resistance
  • Strong protection against corrosion and weathering
  • Enables strong water/dirt repellency on a multitude of surfaces


  • High-temperature coatings in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial sectors (exhaust systems, engine parts, heat exchangers, ovens)
  • Scratch-resist, easy-to-clean coatings for protection of car exteriors and architectural elements
  • Marine coatings providing corrosion and weathering protection
Durazane® for ultimate protection

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