Durazane® - Makes the Difference

Binders in protective coatings make such a difference. Rely on top performance from our organic and inorganic Polysilazanes, better known as Durazane®.

Resistance that makes surfaces irresistible

Polysilazanes make such a difference to surfaces. An entirely new class of coating binders, they’re powerful providers of protection with a plus, offering unique properties that keep surfaces looking and feeling perfect in a variety of premium-value applications.

Product features:

  • High-temperature stability: ensuring coatings stay as they should do, even at extremely high temperatures, for formulating a variety of heat-resistant coatings
  • Water and dirt repellency: long-lasting protection against water, dirt, and grime, also making surfaces much easier to clean
  • Scratch protection: leave-me-alone protection from scratches and wear
  • Corrosion prevention: for coatings that prevent corrosion and the build-up of surface rust, with additional defenses against the detrimental impact of UV radiation
Durazane® for ultimate protection
Find out more about the incredible power of polysilazanes.

Ideal applications for using our polysilazanes

  • Mobility (automotive, aerospace, marine)

Traveling around can be risky for vehicles – there’s always a possibility of damage. Thankfully, our Durazane® polysilazanes help tackle damage for you – from high temperatures to dirt and grime, wear and tear, scratches, and corrosion. 

  • Architecture & construction (exterior and interior surfaces)

Buildings can do little to avoid the onslaught of searing sunshine, continual rain, moisture, and snow. And even inside buildings, surfaces are not safe from dirt and the scratches inflicted on them by their occupants. Our solutions give you long-lasting protection outside (against UV, weathering, and the impact of acid rain) and plenty of options for serious protection in interior applications such as kitchen surfaces. They also make surfaces easier to clean, saving time and effort.

  • Industry (machinery, components, plant)

When companies invest millions in their industrial assets, they want those assets to last and keep working as intended. Coatings based on polysilazanes provide powerful protection against corrosion, weathering, wear and tear, and dirt. They also offer important chemical resistance.

Technical Information

Our polysilazane products fall into three groups:

Durazane® 1000 series: Our organic polysilazanes work by forming dense ceramic layers with Si-N-Si and Si-O-Si structure. The layers this creates are highly temperature-resistant and provide excellent protection against corrosion and weathering. They also keep water at bay (strong hydrophobic properties), so they do an excellent job at demotivating graffiti artists and make life a lot easier when cleaning surfaces. 

Durazane® 2000 series: Our inorganic polysilazanes add a film to surfaces consisting of a quartz, glass-like silicone dioxide. They can be used to add anti-scratch properties and excellent chemical and thermal resistance to a wide range of substrates.

Durazane® 5500: Our particle based additive is developed expecially for use in high-gloss, solvent-borne topcoats. We developed a polymerization process whereby polymer chains are covalently bound to the surface for each particle. These resin-like polymer chains are able to react chemically with the binder matrix via their functional groups.

Product range

As your solution provider, we are proud to be the only manufacturer in the world, offering the entire range of organic (Durazane® 1000 series) and inorganic (Durazane® 2000 series) polysilazanes as well as particle- based additives (Durazane® 5000 series) on a commercial scale.

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