Insect Repellents with IR3535® effectively keep pests like mosquitoes and ticks at bay, lessening the exposure to insect-borne diseases like Zika.

Formulating Safety for the Whole Family

IR3535® repellent wasn’t just made for nature, it was inspired by it! In a claim approved by the EPA: “IR3535® is inspired from a naturally occurring amino acid” ß-alanine, which enables the repellent ingredient to boast a fantastic safety record.

In the US, it’s rated as a biopesticide that’s approved for all ages, so it can be used for protecting even small children. In the EU, the evaluation of the ingredient did not set an age restriction, and the WHO classified IR3535® repellent as Class U, which means “unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use (WHO 2004)”. The clear, odorless liquid can be used in lightweight formulations like lotions, sprays, and aerosols, allowing consumers’ skin to breathe easy.

Long-term pest protection

Safety first

Beyond its proven efficacy, IR3535® has an excellent safety profile.

Protection that extends from day to night 

The clear, odorless liquid can be used in lotions, sprays, and aerosols, and can be applied repeatedly. Adults even can apply products right before going to sleep.

Friendly to humans, animals and the environment 

IR3535® is valued for being gentle on human and pet’s skin, but did you know it’s also gentle to nature? IR3535® active substance is not toxic to aquatic organisms, such as fish or algae, and does not accumulate in the environment.    

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