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isiphor® phosphors LED materials provide options for making warm, authentic light colors.

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LEDs are revolutionizing the world of light. isiphor® offers a huge spectrum of lighting materials for the production of energy-saving LEDs. Their unique quality and performance make isiphor® materials just as suitable for both creative LED light applications and backlighting for liquid crystal displays.

Whether as a point light source or backlighting, LEDs with lighting materials from the isiphor® portfolio achieve new light quality in lighting solutions for automotive, architectural, and interior design. Green, yellow, and orange lighting materials based on different material platforms and particle sizes are available. The isiphor® product range includes the ortho-silicate lighting materials BOSE and stable BOSE. These lighting materials are especially suited to general lighting, where perfect color rendering is key (high color rendering index). In addition, with YAG (Yttrium aluminum garnet) and LuAG (Lutetium aluminum garnet), isiphor® includes new garnet lighting materials. The phosphors remain extremely stable and efficient even under extreme conditions.

The versatility of isiphor® allows us to meet the widest range of customer requirements with tailor-made solutions. The color temperature of the light can be adjusted depending on the composition of the isiphor® materials: Color-on-demand makes it possible to generate white light in warm or cold hues, for example.


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