Klebosol® is a leading brand of multipurpose colloidal silica, with applications in diverse industries ranging from paint and coatings to electronics.

Multipurpose colloidal silica

Klebosol® colloidal silica products are stable suspensions of independent (non-agglomerated), non-porous and spherical particles of silica (SiO2).

Due to excellent properties Klebosol® can be used in various applications like coatings, catalysis, thermal insulation, metal and glass polishing and many more.

Compared with other silica products, Klebosol® offers numerous superior characteristics that you can see below. 



Each grade of Klebosol® exhibits exceptional uniformity in particle size and shape.


Finer grades of Klebosol® have a very high specific surface area, which offers great reactivity.


Silica particles in Klebosol® will retain their equidistant suspension in colloidal form even over extended periods of time.

Environmentally friendly

Klebosol® is non-toxic and uses an inert base.

Superior consistency

Many of our clients use Klebosol® for demanding applications in the electronics industry.

Easy handling

Klebosol® is delivered ready-to-use as a low-viscosity liquid. It is easily transferable and entirely dustless.

Klebosol® product list

Customer service

If you have a manufacturing challenge, or require a custom formulation for a special application, the Klebosol® Research Department is happy to work with you to solve your problem.

Request sample

We deliver samples for every need. Please contact us and we would be happy to help.

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