Optipur® materials are inorganic compounds for the production of single crystals or monocrystals. These materials are of the highest purity and specifically adjusted for single crystal growth.


Optipur® materials contain a portfolio of (mainly) metal halides, which are available as anhydrous powders or in beaded form for immediate usability and easy handling.

Owing to the high purity, Optipur® materials are specifically suited for the production of single crystals as used in demanding optical applications or for medical imaging in scintillators.

As an example, Optipur® sodium iodide (NaI) and cesium iodide (CsI) are widely used as precursors for single crystal growth for production of scintillator image plates in medical applications. These crystals are typically doped with thallium iodide (TlI), which we offer in beaded form for improved handling and reduced safety risks.

The purity of each production batch is strictly controlled, with careful attention paid to impurities that have an influence on transmission, light scattering, or scintillation efficiency. Hygroscopic materials can be vacuum-dried at high temperature and are packaged for dry storage.

As a DIN/ISO-certified material supplier, we offer a seamless documentation flow and traceability as well as standardized CoAs for each production batch. All of our products comply to RoHS standards and are certified nonconflict minerals.

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