Can the invisible be visible?

X-rays are invisible – yet with our Optipur® materials, you can turn them into visible light. And since they can see through tissue and look into suitcases, they can thus make the invisible visible – whether it´s the broken bone or the dangerous goods. Optipur® materials thus help us remaining healthy and safe by revealing what´s under the concealing cloth. 

Owing to the high purity, Optipur® materials are specifically suited for the production of single crystals as used in demanding optical applications or for scintillators in
medical imaging.

As an example, Optipur® sodium iodide (NaI) and cesium iodide (CsI) are widely used as precursors for single crystal growth for the production of scintillator imaging plates in medical applications. These crystals are typically doped with thallium iodide (TlI), which we offer in beaded form for improved handling and reduced safety risks.

The Optipur® portfolio consists of (mainly) metal halides, which are available as anhydrous powders or in beaded form for immediate usability and easy handling.

Product features:

  • High purity
  • Anhydrous powders or beads
  • Mainly metal halides
  • Immediate usability and easy handling
  • Special packaging for hygroscopic materials

Applications for Optipur®

  • Medical imaging (x-ray, SPECT,…)
  • Radiation detection (scientific, security,…)
  • UV optics
  • IR optics

Technical Information

The purity of each production batch is strictly controlled, with careful attention to impurities that have an influence on transmission, light scattering, or scintillation
efficiency. Hygroscopic powders are vacuum-dried at high temperature and are packaged for dry storage.

As a DIN/ISO-certified material supplier, we offer a seamless documentation flow and traceability as well as standardized CoAs for each production batch. All of our products comply to RoHS standards and are certified nonconflict minerals.


  • Optipur® Brochure
  • General RoHS Statement - Optipur®

Key Materials

Anhydrous Powders

Substance Formula Purity Package Size Item No.
Cesium iodide CsI  99.999% 20 kg 189318
Sodium iodide NaI 99.995% 5 kg, 50 kg  139559
Thallium(I) iodide TlI 99.999% 100 g, 1 kg 189358

Metal Halide Portfolio

Anhydrous Powders

Substance Formula Purity Package sizes Item no.
Barium(II) fluoride BaF2 99.995% 1 kg, 50 kg 101705
Lead(II) fluoride PbF2 99.9% 10 kg 107386
Lithium fluoride LiF 99.95% 2.5 kg 105689
Magnesium(II) fluoride (pieces) MgF2 99.9% 25 kg 116715
Potassium bromide  KBr 99.95% 100 g 189777
Potassium dihydrogen phosphate KH2PO4 99.9% 25 kg 104872
Sodium iodide astrograde NaI 99.999% 2 kg 189333
Thallium bromide TlBr 99.999% 100 g, 1 kg 189356

Anhydrous Beads

Substance Formula Purity Package Size Item no.
Cerium(III) bromide CeBr3 99.99% 1 kg, 2 kg 189313
Cerium(III) chloride CeCl3 99.99+%  100 g, 1 kg 189315
Cesium bromide CsBr 99.999%   189316
Cesium chloride CsCl 99.999%   189317
Cesium iodide CsI 99.999% 100 g, 1 kg 189319
Copper(I) iodide CuI 99.99% 100 g, 1 kg 189771
Europium(II) iodide EuI2 99.99% 100 g 189324
Indium(I) iodide InI 99.999% 10 g, 100 g 189702
Lanthanum(III) bromide LaBr3 99.99+%  1 kg 189703
Lanthanum(III) chloride LaCl3 99.99+% 100 g, 1 kg 189704
Lead(II) bromide PbBr2 99.999%   189420
6Lithium bromide 6LiBr 99.99% 100 g, 1 kg 189302
6Lithium chloride 6LiCl 99.99+% 100 g, 1 kg 189303
6Lithium iodide 6LiI 99.99+% 1 kg 189305
7Lithium chloride 7LiCl 99.99%   189306
Strontium bromide SrBr2 99.999%   189785
Strontium iodide SrI2 99.99+% 100 g, 1 kg 189348
Thallium(I) bromide TlBr 99.999% 100 g, 1 kg 189357
Thallium(I) chloride TlCl 99.999%   189604
Thallium(I) iodide TlI 99.999% 100 g, 1 kg 189359
Yttrium(III) chloride YCl3 99.99% 100 g 189365


Substance Formula Purity Package Sizes Item No.
Cesium yttrium chloride Cs2YCl5 99.99+% 1 kg 189769
Cesium yttrium chloride CsYCl4 99.99+% 1 kg 189770
Europium(III) fluoride EuF3 99.99+%   189323
6Lithium fluoride 6LiF 99.99% 100 g, 500 g 189304

Package Sizes

Package sizes listed in the tables are either standard or frequently requested. Inquire about available packaging for products without a package size listing.

Contact us regarding custom compositions, blends, doped materials, custom packaging and particular specifications.

Please inquire about availability and lead times before placing an order since most of our products are made on demand.

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