How can you formulate high-quality, consistent products for your consumers and extend the shelf life of the fats and oils you use? Our answer: Oxynex® formulation stabilizers.

Solutions to stabilize and protect

Chemical deterioration is an auto-oxidative process caused by action of oxygen in air and can lead to rancidity. Adding antioxidants to your formulations will inhibit the auto-oxidation process, helping to stabilize and protect your formulations.

The Oxynex® Advantage

Inhibit the autoxidation process

Free radicals at the source of autoxidation chain reactions are inactivated by the intervention of anti-oxidants.

Fight back against deterioration and decomposition

Chemical deterioration caused by oxygen and resulting fatty peroxides can destroy your cosmetic products. Oxynex® helps to ensure the stability of your cosmetics by protecting them from pro-oxida-tive factors such as light, increase in temperature, metal traces, and more.

Add low concentration levels of antioxidants

The concentration of antioxidants may not exceed a certain maximum, otherwise an undesirable pro-oxidative effect may occur. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the exact recommended concentra-tion amounts when adding antioxidants to fats.

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