Rooted in nature and powered by science, RonaCare® blends the best of two worlds to create innovative, high-performing beauty products that are holistic and sustainable.

Fascinating Beauty Formulations

To continue leading the industry with powerful beauty innovations, we constantly
explore the scientific possibilities and benefits of skin care actives. Each
active ingredient is part of an overall concept of all-round, targeted care.
Whether for skin, oral, or hair care, the RonaCare® portfolio is
brimming with innovative products that can make formulations stand out with
truly impressive product claims.

Our RonaCare® products offer unparalleled benefits:

  • Safe ingredients conforming to the highest quality and regulatory requirements
  • Highly innovative, trend-oriented cosmetic solutions based on cutting-edge R&D
  • Pure natural biomimetic actives which teach us about holistic and, sustainable skin and natural care    

Where nature meets innovation

Care from head to toe

The RonaCare® line features innovative active ingredients for skincare, hair care, and oral care.

We’re well-versed in versatility 

Applications range from products in the popular anti-aging and the appearance of skin discoloration to formulations that address common concerns like premature aging, moisturizing, sebum oxidation control, sensitivity, and skin discoloration.

Meet all of your customers’ needs

Looking to stay on top of trends like dermocosmetics for sensitive skin or provide eco-friendly formulas for the environmentally-conscious? With RonaCare®, you can’t go wrong.

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