Ronastar® high-performance pigments upgrade your products to an unrivaled level. They show up with superior performance such as extremely high chroma, luminous matte effects or crystal-clear sparkle.

Beaming like the sun

The majority of Ronastar® pigments display exceptional sparkle, some of which appear even larger than their actual particle size. Others reveal attractive crystal-clear sparkle on small particle scale. Selected pigments impart an extremely smooth and soft feel on the skin and also provide long-lasting properties and effect. Ronastar® even unites deep mystic black with a unique glossy shine and excellent coverage in one intense effect pigment.

Shoot for the stars with high-performance pigments

Eye-catching sophistication 

Our four silverwhite pigments are based on Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate flakes.

Magnify your color dimension

Selected Ronastar® pigments display brilliant silverwhite effects combined with rainbow-like multicolor highlights. These products vary in particle size distribution (10 – 100 μm and 20 – 200 μm) and thus offer different multi-dimensional sparkle with magnified reflectance and good skin adhesion.

Sparkle and shine in a rainbow of shades 

Our Ronastar® interference colors are based on very thin, smooth and uniform Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate platelets encapsulated by varying metal oxide layers. This technology provides irresistible high sparkle, brilliance, and a beautiful multicolor effect.

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