Securalic® – the Innovative way to safeguard brand property

Securalic® pigments provide your products and brands with hidden protection from counterfeiting.

A more covert way of product authentication

Securalic® taggants use hidden markers to authenticate products from the inside out. This smart approach to anti-counterfeiting involves concealing tiny identifiers inside a variety of materials that tell people where the materials really come from. It’s a bit like giving products or even materials like plastics, coatings, or inks their own unique fingerprint. And because all of our taggants are strictly monitored and handled through a restricted supply chain, it is virtually impossible for unwanted parties to even know they’re there. This somewhat surreptitious approach to safeguarding the secret soul of your materials is a central part of our security concept. Our goal is to let Securalic® keeps your intellectual assets – products and brands – dramatically safer.

Product features:

  • Reliable and highly discreet counterfeit detection
  • Unique taggant solutions
  • Brand and product protection
Product authentication with Securalic® Reveal
Protect your brand with our Securalic® products and authentication solutions

Ideal Application for using Securalic®

Securalic® Reveal taggants help protect brands and products in a wide range of markets:

  • Fashion
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharma
  • Automotive
  • And many more

Technical Information

Naturally we would love to tell you more about how our taggants work and how we beat counterfeiters at their own game, but for obvious reasons, that’s the last thing we should do! Suffice it to say that it’s a closely guarded secret. Please contact us for more detail information if you’re looking into new ways to protect your brands or products from counterfeits and copycats.

Need ultimate security?

Sometimes you need an extra level of protection, especially when it comes to high-security products. Contact us to explore more about Colorcrypt® for high security.

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