Discover premium quality and service with Suprima® pigments.

Evolution in quality

Suprima® is more than just a brand—it’s a quality concept encompassing the best of our pigments portfolio and customer support services. With Suprima® you have all-in-one documentation, highest quality product testing, and transparent color measurements. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to.

Product dossiers

With Suprima®, we provide our customers with a wealth of specifications and data, all neatly compiled in easy-to-use product dossiers. Brimming with special product data – all carefully collated by our experts under rigorously controlled conditions – the dossiers serve as the ultimate navigation tool for formulating products with these pigments.



  • All-in-one documentation
  • All relevant statements and data including test results
  • Access to required information around the clock

Save time

  • Professionally prepared documentation
  • Dossier structure helps you find information quickly
  • Acceleration of internal qualification processes

Reduce costs

  • Save development and validation resources
  • Efficiently collect quality relevant documents

Improve safety

  • Gain more certainty in your approval processes
  • Reduce errors compared to manual documentation
  • Enjoy utmost safety thanks to our expertise


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