Thermaval™ effect pigments

Our Thermaval™ effect pigments comprise the first series of pearlescent pigments developed especially for high-temperature, fast-firing tableware decoration.

Thermaval™ – tougher than temperature!

There are demanding applications, for example in-glaze decoration, in which conventional pearlescent pigments lose their color and effect during ceramic firing. That’s why up to now ceramic manufacturers could enhance their products with beautiful pearl luster effects mostly through on-glaze or third-firing decoration. On-glaze and third-firing decoration are fired at considerably lower temperatures of around 800 °C. The results, however, are less resistant to abrasion than decorations fired above 1100 °C. We’ve overcome these limitations with our temperature-resistant Thermaval™ effect pigments. To decorate your ceramic products, you can now create incomparably beautiful, pearlescent/metallic-effect ceramic colors that can be used in cost-efficient, high-temperature, fast-firing processes. Find out how!

Thermaval™ effect pigments are available in four colors:

  • Metallic Gold
  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Copper
  • Metallic White

Thermaval™ key features

  • Extremely temperature-stable*
  • Known for its outstandingly intensive sparkle and chroma
  • Narrow particle size: 80% within 5-40 μm
  • Usable in in-glaze application (fast-firing process)
  • Cost-efficient
  • Suitable for microwaves
  • Safe in dishwashers
  • Practically cadmium-free and lead-free

* Temperature resistance depends on the proper selection of pigment-matrix combination. For any advice, please contact us.

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