Our Timiron® line of silverwhite and interference pigments adds sophistication to virtually any formulation. The versatile pigments add an extra dimension of pearlescence to cosmetics or personal care products.

Lose yourself to the allure of silverwhite

The majority of our Timiron® silverwhite pigments is characterized by variable titanium dioxide layers on natural or synthetic mica or aluminum oxide platelets. Our silverwhite pigments vary in particle size distribution, ranging from 1 – 15 μm (Timiron® Supersilk MP-1005) to 20 – 180 μm (Timiron® Ice Crystal). Depending on their particle size and pigment composition, they display different silverwhite lustrous effects ranging from subtle to satiny, pearly, metallic, or even sparkly.    

Discover our portfolio of interference pigments

A fascinating interplay of colors

Timiron® pigments create a translucent shimmer while providing a natural look to the skin.

Sink into the luxury of luster 

Timiron® Silk Colors are fine particle size (5 – 25 μm) pigments which provide luminous interference color and the soft, silky luster characteristics of finer particles. Looking for more shimmer and shine? Timiron® Super Colors (10 – 60 μm) provide an iridescent, more lustrous pearl effect in formulations. 

Brilliant shine you cannot escape 

Timiron® Splendid Colors (10 – 60 μm) are produced by depositing layers of titanium dioxide and silica onto a mica substrate for maximum brilliance. Timiron® Starlight Colors' large particles (10 – 125 μm) provide sparkling iridescent effects. Thanks to the synthetic substrate Timiron® SynBeam pigments provide clear and bright colorful shimmer effects.

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