Tivida® FL - A smooth performance

Our fluorosurfactants improve surface wetting, helping your coatings deliver superior spreading and enhancing leveling.

Taking surface leveling to the next level

Our Tivida® FL additives span a variety of fluorosurfactants to help you create coating formulations that will amaze customers with their flawless appearance. Inspired by smooth surfaces, Tivida® FL can be added to a variety of coatings for use on wood, plastic, or metals.

Product features:

  • Reduces surface tension effectively (up to 16 mN/m)
  • Can be used in concentrations from 0.003% to 0.1% depending on the individual formulation
  • Delivers significant improvements in the wetting, spreading, and leveling of coatings
  • Boosts surface gloss

Confused about the upcoming EU PFOA restriction?

Stop worrying and be reach compliant with our Tivida® FL additives. They are completely out of focus of the new EU restriction.

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See the benefits
The video demonstrates the great power of Tivida® FL additives to improve the wetting, leveling and spreading of paints and coatings on different substrates.


The branched structure with ultrashort fluorinated alkyl groups (C2 and C3) allows our Tivida® FL surfactants to achieve top performance in a broad range of coating formulations while at the same time being nontoxic, nonbioaccumulative and environmentally friendly.

Ideal applications for using Tivida® FL

  • Coatings applied to wood and industrial surfaces

Our Tivida® FL range can be used in water-based or solvent-based coatings aimed at a wide range of substrates such as wood, acrylic substances, and polymers. Not only do coatings containing our additives deliver outstanding wetting and leveling, they also prevent craters forming on surfaces and inhibit foaming. Tivida® FL products are also used for leather treatment and leather finish applications.

  • Polishes and waxes

Tivida® FL additives are an ideal ingredient in floor polishes, as well as waxes and polishes. Customers instantly notice the high level of gloss and uniform surface appearance.     

  • Surface cleaners*: 

Adding our Tivida® FL products to cleaning fluids used on floors, windows, or electronic cleaning solutions improves wetting properties and works wonders when it comes to preventing cleaning residue and streaks.

*For EU: professional use only, EU regulations apply

Discover our example formulations with Tivida® FL: dry bright floor polish and I&I Floor Polish! 

Technical Information

The success of our Tivida® FL (fluorosurfactants) products lies in a unique molecular design. Starting with the science behind surfactants, these are polar molecules that lower surface tension, so they make it possible to mix in substances (typically liquids) that normally can’t be simply added to formulations. They also help if you need to wet substrates.

What we added was a specially developed branched ultrashort-chain fluorosurfactant. This unique technology is different from conventional long-chain fluorosurfactants in that it delivers branched structures with extremely short groups of fluorinated alkyl substances (C2 and C3).

In a nutshell, they reduce surface tension in coating formulations, with the added advantage of being non-toxic, non-bioaccumulative, and environmentally friendly.


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