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Tivida® coating additives: FL product range of fluorosurfactants and, AS range of anti-scratch additives

Optimized wetting and antiscratch

Tivida® offers you the coating additive solutions you need. The Tivida FL® series are top-performing, eco-friendly fluorosurfactants enabling perfect surface wetting in applications such as coatings, floor polishes, and industrial cleaners. Tivida AS® is the solution for scratch-protection of 2k PU systems in automotive applications and beyond.

Tivida® AS1010 – the antiscratch additive

Tivida® AS1010 offers strong protection against scratches in solventborne 2k PU coating systems, such as car refinish coatings, and interior protection, such as navigation screens.


  • Strong antiscratch protection as evidenced in taber and crockmeter tests
  • Strong gloss retention with loads as low as 1% (w/w)


  • Automotive clear coats
  • Automotive interior coatings

Tivida FL – top performance in surface tension

Tivida FL® is a top-performing wetting promoter that greatly reduces surface tension even at minimal concentrations. It is used in a range of applications including coatings, floor polishes, and cleaners.


  • Greatly reduces surface tension up to 18 mN/m
  • Use rates as low as 0.003%
  • Strongly improves wetting, spreading, and leveling of coatings
  • Increases surface gloss
  • Exhibits very low foam stabilization


  • Waterborne and solventborne coatings
  • Floor polishes and waxes
  • Industrial and electronic cleaners


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