Eco-Friendly Wetting Agents

How can a wetting agent be eco-friendly? The ultrashort-chain C2 and C3 flurosurfactant technology of our Tivida® Fl enables us to provide you a wetting agent that is environmentally friendly & effective.

Our solution for eco-friendly wetting agents

The Tivida® FL product line’s success lies in its unique molecular design. As opposed to standard longchain (C6) fluorosurfactants, Tivida® FL has a branched structure with ultrashort fluorinated alkyl groups (C2 and C3). This structure allows our Tivida® FL surfactants to achieve top performance in a broad range of coating formulations while at the same time being nontoxic, nonbioaccumulative and environmentally friendly. Competitor materials with standard linear long chains need to constantly maintain a balance between performance and toxicity/bioaccumulation. With Tivida® FL, you enjoy the advantages without any compromises until 2020 and beyond.

Proven Eco-friendliness

  • Do not contain, are not produced from, and will not degrade to PFOS, PFOA or other substances listed in the OECD “Lists of PFOS, PFAS, PFOA, PFCA, related compounds and chemicals that may degrade to PFCA” (2007 revision)
  • Will not degrade to perfluoroalkyl carboxylic or sulfonic acids ≥C4
  • Thus Tivida® FL is not subject to REACH PFOA Restriction and will continue to be used in the EU market after 2020
  • Tivida® FL 2200, FL 2300 and FL 2500 cause no acute oral or inhalation toxicity; no acute aquatic toxicity or bioaccumulation potential in aquatic environments
  • Gene mutation and chromosome aberration assays show no mutagenicity for Tivida® FL 2200, FL 2300 and FL 2500
  • Tivida® FL 2700 shows no acute oral toxicity
  • Gene mutation assays show no mutagenicity for Tivida® FL 2700
  • For Tivida® FL 2700 further studies and registrations are in progress. For more details please visit
  • Tivida® FL products meet the goals of the voluntary U.S. EPA 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Program