Floor Polishes & waxes with Tivida® FL

Add our Tivida® FL additives to your floor polish to lower the surface tension and enable an improved spreading on all surfaces. How? Explore two formulations developed by our partner Interpolymer.

Benefits of fluorosurfactants in floor polishes & waxes

Floor polishes are usually designed to be applied on a wide varity of surfaces that can differ in surface tension, texture and durability. Fluorosurfactants such as our Tivida® FL additives improve the wetting, spreading and leveling of floor polishes by lowering the surface tension. So the floor polish will evenly cover all surfaces no matter what surface energy they have.

Our partner Interpolymer has developed two floor polish formulations including our Tivida® FL 2200 additive. Get inspired by these formulation examples to create floor polishes with outstanding and reliable results.

Formulation Examples with our partner Interpolymer

Formulation No.1:

Floor Polish with Tivida® FL 2200 & SYNTRAN®* MT240

This formulation is a dry bright floor polish based on SYNTRAN®* MT240, which provides a good durability in time, good wear properties and a high gloss. Our Tivida® FL 2200 improves flow, leveling and wetting. 




Formulation No.2:

Floor Polish with Tivida® FL 2200 & SYNTRAN®* 1942

This formulation is an I&I Floor Polish based on SYNTRAN®* 1942 , without added zinc, which provides a high gloss, excellent wear properties and an excellent alcohol and disinfectant resistance. Tivida® FL 2200 lowers the surface tension of the floor polish for better wetting and leveling.

*Syntran® is a trademark of Interpolymer a company of Zschimmer & Schwarz

Download complete Formulation No.1

  • Floor Polish with Tivida® FL 2200 & Syntran® MT240

Download complete Formulation No.2

  • Floor Polish with Tivida® FL 2200 & Syntran® 1942