The Xirona® color travel pigments shift in color depending on the viewing angle. Each pigment transitions through a specific set of colors, and our line offers hues that cover the entire color spectrum.

Find stability in the intensity

Xirona® color travel pigments display a range of colors depending on how you look at them. The stability of some intense pigments is so extraordinary that the formulation of softer and stable color shades is currently unparalleled. 

Color that moves you

Create wonder with color 

Changing colors bring sophistication and sensation to your cosmetics formulations. 

Veiled in variety 

Based on different substrate technologies and coated with varying layers of metal oxides, Xirona® pigments contain a large variety of different color travel effect pigments. Whereas titanium dioxide layers create traveling interference effects, iron oxide layers create very intense color travel pigments of high coverage.

Pigments that perform 

All Xirona® color travel pigments are derived from a demanding, precisely controlled manufacturing process in which each component, from substrate to single coating layers, plays a significant role for the final performance of the pigment.

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