Megatrends: an Infographic

Publish Date

12 JUL 2022


Global Communications


Developments in society, innovative technologies and completely new markets will decisively shape our world in the coming years. These megatrends are also becoming increasingly important for our company. An infographic shows a selection of them.

According to futurologists and economic experts, megatrends will shape our world in the coming decades. The right strategy makes it possible to embrace these societal currents and conquer new markets with technologies and products. The infographic shows what is particularly significant for us.


Digitalization enhances efficiency and quality in areas such as R&D, manufacturing and logistics. Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning enable spectacular applications for accelerating innovation and transformation. Data are constantly generated and processed, leading to a data explosion.


Healthy living has long been a popular lifestyle. Personalized medicine and nutrition are booming. The aging societies of the West and the rise of the middle class in Asia offer major market opportunities in the area of health(care).


Initiatives such as the European Green Deal and the ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria encourage companies to invest in sustainability. Examples: transparent supply chains, climate protection and ethical conduct. ​


​Teams work remotely and collaborate globally. Trust, work-life balance, diversity, lifelong learning, and an intact company culture count more than ever.

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