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This is where curious and passionate people open their minds to drive the future of Electronics through innovations in material science. Together, we’ll make life-changing discoveries atom by atom.

Electronics starts with us.

Together with our customers, we push the boundaries of science and technology. Our contributions to the electronics industry help enable high-tech materials and solutions vital to our everyday lives, like smartphones, the Internet of Things and autonomous driving.

EMD Electronics is where curious and passionate people open their minds to drive the future of electronics through innovations in material science. Our revolutionary breakthroughs are built atom by atom. Each solution edges us closer to life-changing discoveries.

We invite you to explore what’s possible. With relentless curiosity, collaborative nature, and passion for winning, we can build a stronger, richer future by advancing digital living.

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What role do we play in making this a reality?

With each new generation of devices, semiconductor manufacturers work on further reducing the size of their products while at the same time achieving higher functionality and greater processing power. For example, circuits the size of a postage stamp can now accommodate nearly as many transistors as there are people on earth — about seven billion.

All this is made possible by the chemicals we produce — and we know there is a lot more to come. Everyday devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers will all contribute to the growth of the semiconductor industry, but we will also see growing demands in other areas such as automotive, medical and industrial applications.


Meet the EMD Electronics Team

20 colleagues from 7 countries have answered 4 questions describing our culture. Watch the videos to learn more about working with us!

  • Why would you recommend a friend to apply? (Semiconductor Materials)

    Jocely from Taiwan, Yuanmei from the U.S., Katharina from Germany and Abishek from the U.K. speak about what makes Merck a great place to be.

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  • Why would you recommend a friend to apply? (Delivery Systems and Services)

    Kyung-Hee from Korea, Jeff from Taiwan, Rob and Emily from the U.S. speak about what makes Merck a great place to be.

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  • How does the company support your development?

    Hear from Zafar from Germany, Irene from Taiwan, Brandon from China and ReeNa from South Korea talking about their experience.

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  • What is the impact of the work that you do?

    Listen to Jennifer from the U.S., Tianna from Taiwan, Ricky from China and Mish from Japan sharing their experience.

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  • Generational Diversity

    The challenges and opportunities of generational diversity in the electronics industry workforce

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  • Neuroscience and DE&I

    Studies show that workplace diversity helps companies boost innovation and financial results.
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  • Equitable Hiring

    With significant investments announced in the United States, the semiconductor industry is entering an unprecedented growth phase where talent shortage is a key risk.
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  • Managing DE&I Globally

    Engaging with employees, understanding their concerns, and recognizing their achievements is vital to maintaining a company culture that prizes inclusion.
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