Global Compliance Officer Life Science & Electronics - US

Short description about my Job?

As Global Compliance Officer Life Science and Electronics my main responsibility is to lead and manage a team of compliance officers that support diverse industrial businesses that provide solutions for drug discovery, diagnostics, industrial analytics, semiconductors, cosmetics, automotive, electronics and other industries. Our businesses and the industries we serve are constantly evolving to serve the needs of scientists, innovators and consumers worldwide.

Our compliance program continuously evolves to address the ethical and legal questions that come with entering new and dynamic markets.

If you join our team what impact would you have

You would be joining a global team of professionals that are passionate about enabling scientific and technological advancements and business success by ensuring ethical business practices.  Our team has a wide range of skills and backgrounds to help identify and manage the risk of non-compliance both with the laws that govern business conduct in our markets as well as our company’s own values and standards. 

Your focus will be the deterrence and detection of corrupt business practices such as violations of the world’s anti-bribery laws, anti-money laundering laws and conflicts of interest that may harm our company’s business or reputation. You will approach matters from a team perspective and, therefore we will count on your open communication with all levels of the organization. This will include teaming with colleagues in our Legal department as well as other Group Functions such as the Legal department, Quality & Regulatory Management, Human Resources, Security, Internal Audit and Trade Compliance to ensure compliance with the requirements of our Code of Conduct.

What I love about the Company

Our company provides all employees the opportunity to experience a truly global environment, where every aspect of diversity is embraced and celebrated. As we operate in more than 60 countries across every region, we seek to construct an inclusive and transparent culture every day, a culture where everyone is included. In summary: We know that our differences are also our strengths!

What I love most is the company’s entrepreneurial spirit. We are an organization with a long history that embraces its role to drive innovation and adapts to the needs to the customers and societies we serve across the world.



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