Compliance Officer Global Functions - Germany

Short description about my Job?

The Compliance Officer Global Functions role involves collaborating with different business areas to ensure that our corporate values continue to be applied in an efficient and transparent manner. This requires not only a well-developed understanding of the Compliance regulatory landscape, but also a profound understanding of the business’ strategy and objectives to provide the most effective guidance.

What do I like most about my Job?

Joining the Compliance Healthcare team provides you with a powerful purpose: As one for patients. This means that you will share with colleagues all around the world the important objective of improving and extending people’s lives. As a part of the Compliance team you will play an important role towards this purpose by supporting different areas and ensuring that we continue to focus on transparency and sustainability.

Thanks to our values-oriented culture, you will find that ethical topics are a top priority within the organization and therefore your internal clients will be proactive about seeking your advice. In addition, in the Compliance department you will collaborate with colleagues that are willing to share knowledge and experience. Collaboration essential to enable us to shape an advanced Compliance program, where every team member plays a fundamental role.We are proud to be reach beyond countries, sectors and teams to support our organizational objectives.

These characteristics mean you will work in a diverse and respectful environment, surrounded by curious colleagues and exiting projects. On top of this, by joining us you would assume an important role in the development of a globally advanced Compliance program. Finally, the Compliance team is always seeking to foster curiosity. If you would like to work on creative solutions and think outside the box, this is the right team for you.

What I love about the Company

The first thing that I like to highlight when I share my experience with our company is the remarkable purpose that it pursues. Every business transaction we perform is aiming to improve human lives in one way or the other, and for me that is a great responsibility and an even greater motivation engine.This generates a working environment where colleagues are not just co-workers but companions on this purposeful journey.

As a result, all our working relations are based on mutual respect, enabling diversity of ideas and opinions.Another great characteristic of our company is its continuous commitment with people development. Our company offers different tools that you can leverage to work on the skills you would like to master in order to become a better professional, varying from professional mentoring to e-learning platforms.

This support enables you to plan long term and encourages you to seize the different development alternatives.



Give your career the opportunity to grow and thrive in a safe and pioneering environment focused on creating impact for customers and patients.

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