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Science and technology depend more and more on data. This is why we see data as a strategic asset and invest in our data and analytics capabilities.With experts from data science and software engineering to data governance or change management, we go beyond analytics to make a difference to millions of people’s lives every day. As a member of our team, you’ll work with high-quality data to accelerate our business – and your career. Experience the joy of curiosity and transform data into insights.

Work with people from across the world within a range of roles to craft original cross-functional projects. Work your magic together with our data and analytics capabilities that are driving science and technology to new heights!

  • Coffee with Tobias

    Tobias is one of our Senior Product Owners in the area of AI & Analytics Products. We are happy that Tobias works together with his developer team on so many complex business requirements and that we benefit from the best solutions for the whole company. But look for yourself!

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  • Meet Shoba

    Shobha, our Big Data Solution Architect and Lead Expert in Finance, has built her career in Mumbai, London, and the bustling world of Wall Street in New York. Sit back, take a deep breath, and enjoy her journey.

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  • Here is Sourabh

    Not only does Sourabh love math, but he also has a talent for understanding and making sense of technical aspects in projects. This way of thinking helps him excel at work, such as on one of his favorite projects in India, where he led Data Science projects. 

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  • Say hi to Srilatha

    Srilatha is not only a caring wife, daughter, and mother, but also a highly accomplished businesswoman who serves as the Head of Data & Analytics in Bangalore. She oversees the DevOps Datawarehouse, Data Engineers, and Model N/SAP BPC and TM1 teams, taking full accountability for their deliverables.

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Find Your Role

Work with people from across the world within a range of roles to craft original cross-functional projects. Turn your curiosity into action and learn more about the different type of roles within the data and analytics teams.

Benefit from location flexible job opportunities

We have lots of roles that could be just right for you. As the company behind the companies, advancing digital living, we understand that in a world of increased connectivity your skills and knowledge can be more important than your physical location. We encourage you to apply because Talent isn’t confined to a postcode and we’ll explore the possibility of remote working options with the right candidates: Whether it be balancing time between working in the office and elsewhere or relocating you to a location where you can use your expertise to the fullest.


Our Talent Zone is a great way to stay connected, learn more about our company, career opportunities and events! Select the area that matches your background and interests, tell us about yourself and let our Talent Advisors help you find your next career opportunity.


As a leading science and technology business, data is vital to our success: it drives our business and enables innovation. To exploit the full potential of our data, we have recently introduced our new Data Strategy. And with our strategy, we’ll accelerate growth and increase our data capabilities. As we grow, so will you. You can shape what our future looks like and determine the real potential of our data.

Work on global, company-wide challenges like data governance or owning and driving the right data architecture for all our business. The team at our Group Data Office is responsible for removing obstacles for data owners and increasing data efficiency so that use cases can be accelerated and scaled. It allows us to make faster and more informed decisions and to take calculated risks based on past behavior or future forecasts.

Data is transforming our personal and professional lives. But how can companies be trusted to walk the right #ethical line on topics such as data protection, privacy, and IP? We are proud to be leading the way. We launched our Code of Digital Ethics (CoDE). Five core principles are at its heart. Justice, the Autonomy of every single human, Beneficence to promote the needs and well-being of humanity, Non-maleficence to avoid doing harm, and Transparency. Click here to learn more.

Our projects

Our projects have changed the way we operate at our company. We call these use cases, which is when our data has been used for the benefit of our business. Use cases demonstrate our ability to apply data in a way that inspires better thinking and backs up key innovations. Here are some exemplary use cases that give you a flavor of what you could be working on.

Our Ways Of Working

We work in a collaborative and agile way. That means from the idea to the final product, you’ll work alongside business, data, and technology experts on projects relevant to business needs. A high visibility combined with strong exposure to the business is part of your work routine.

You’ll bring your individual expertise to these global projects, driving and owning data governance and technology to make a real impact. Be surprised by the amount of existing data that make a great playground for you. Especially as a Software Engineer or Data Scientists you can start right away coding and analyzing.

Leave your comfort zone and scale up your data-driven skill set

We use a wide variety of coding languages, tools and platforms. Even if you don’t use these languages and platforms, we’ll help you to learn them. We’ll support you in becoming more skillful in everything you do. You will enter an environment with a high level of autonomy and global recognition. We laugh together, support each other and build strong and trusted relationships.  You will be part of a highly motivated team where everyone brings their unique perspective.




Give your career the opportunity to grow and thrive in a safe and pioneering environment focused on creating impact for customers and patients.

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