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What exactly does he do?

It's quite exciting and challenging at the same time and only one person can explain it in as few words as possible. Namely, he himself.

Tobias loves to come up with a very simple analogy for the most complicated business-requirements. After all, he is a kind of link between the business and the development teams. In short, he translates the business strategy to product development.With our highly specialized business processes, this is sometimes challenging, but not a problem for Tobias. Not with a good cup of coffee anyway.

Sounds exciting? It is. Because our anti-boredom formula is what Tobias really appreciates. So curious people are in good hands with us. If a 100% varied working day is not enough for you, you won't get bored with us after work.

Team spirit is lived: Tobias makes sure of that himself with organizing after-work events, which make the cohesion among colleagues even closer.

We are happy that Tobias works together with his developer team on so many complex business requirements and that we benefit from the best solutions for the whole company. But look for yourself!

Marius' passion for data started in his youth - for example, in the meticulous creation of the optimal nutrition plans.He is also our number one contact when it comes to the ultimate-perfect development of delicious recipes and even takes care of the physical well-being of his colleagues from time to time.

Without a doubt, he is one of our most creative team players, starting each day with the manifestation of his vision of an enterprise ontology. What exactly does he mean? He will tell it to you very simply in the video. Marius is always ready to help and patiently explains complicated issues. Again, if necessary.

We can't imagine our data world without Marius and are proud of why we are the best employer for him.

And when he's not at the stove or in his home office? Then you can meet him in the Innovation Center. This is where he experienced a special highlight in his professional career as a data architect.In this video, you´ll learn what it was and why it still makes his eyes light up.

Psst!Mariana is a native Bulgarian and speaks 3 languages fluently. Well, actually, there are four and exactly the fourth is her favorite language. Which one do you think it is? We don't want to give everything away at this point. Only this much: the computer linguist is a real multi-talent with a multicultural factor. She grew up internationally, has now lived in Europe for 12 years and lived in South Korea for a long time before that. To this day, curiosity drives her to all sorts of places in the world. On her wakeboard or here in front of the camera at the Innovation Centre, one of our workplaces here.

Mariana's work credo? In short, she uses 10% technical and combines it with 90% intercultural knowledge.

And when her little son asks her what her employer actually makes and manufactures, she is proud to say: Medicine, for example. That's what drives her to use Data Governance & Analytics in the Healthcare Sector to help create value and support for society as a whole. The fact that she never gets bored here is just one of the many reasons why she loves working for her company.

We are quite happy that Mariana's paths have led them to us and that she is now performing on the big DATA ANALYTICS stage. Of course, preferably in her favorite language: Computer Linguistic.

But what the hell is her sweet secret? Find out and watch the video!



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