Adelina Haziri

Senior Manager - Darmstadt Office

Which projects are you working on?

I have a preference for engaging in projects that center around digitalization and transformation. One illustrative experience includes our company’s Data Office, where I played a pivotal role in shaping the operational framework and defining forthcoming data-related positions. Furthermore, I provide consultancy to our clients in defining their strategic roadmaps for transformation programs, guiding them from the initial vision to tangible objectives and actionable tasks.

What is your role in these projects?

We collaborate closely with our stakeholders, ensuring alignment from the outset regarding our working procedures. This includes establishing the frequency of meetings, our communication channels, and the expected deliverables. I strive to achieve maximum alignment upfront, but I remain adaptable when dealing with changes in scope within an agile environment. We are regularly engaged in SteerCo meetings and contribute to significant events like town-hall calls. This approach allows us to grasp the broader perspective and develop a comprehensive understanding of our business operations.

What do you like most about your job?

I find great satisfaction in the opportunity to engage with diverse business units and a variety of topics. This not only contributes to my personal development but also assists me in pinpointing the areas of interest for my future career advancement within the organization. I enjoy the process of getting to know a wide range of individuals, each with unique responsibilities and goals. Additionally, the organizational structure of IC offers me the flexibility and self-organized work style I value, thanks to its minimal hierarchy constraints.

What did you do before you joined Inhouse Consulting?

Prior to my role at Inhouse Consulting, I was employed as manager at Accenture Strategy’s practice. In this role, I focused on digitalization initiatives utilizing agile methodologies to design new digital products and digitize processes. My educational background is rooted in economics, and I hold a master’s degree in management.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I take pleasure in spending time with my nearly 2-year-old son and my husband, as well as with our extended family and friends. During the free time I have, I enjoy reading books with a psychological emphasis.

Any advice to applicants?

Get ready to be part of a highly engaged community of strategy consultants, where there's no competition or selfishness. We collaborate and share our projects, utilize resources efficiently, and provide mutual support. We operate in an environment that encourages open communication while working alongside high-ranking stakeholders on exciting and challenging top-priority matters.