Anja Muesch

Head of Use Case Management, Electronics - Digital Solutions

Position within Inhouse Consulting: Graduate Consultant

Time spent with Inhouse Consulting: 2 years

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

What did you like most about Inhouse Consulting?

I am fascinated by the diverse array of topics, individuals, talents, methodologies, and cultural experiences that our Inhouse Consulting provides. What truly stands out is the unique opportunity to actively shape and contribute to your own project, allowing you to immerse yourself in this rich tapestry of possibilities.

How did Inhouse Consulting help you develop your career?

Commencing my career at our Inhouse Consulting significantly honed my capacity to swiftly adapt to a diverse range of topics, individuals, and work settings. Transitioning from academia to consulting, I learned that it is perfectly acceptable not to be the subject matter expert when you can strategically pose targeted questions. This experience has been instrumental in my professional growth.

How was your transition process?

My final assignment in the Integration Office served as the gateway to my transition into the newly expanded Business Unit, Semiconductor Materials. In hindsight, I've found that maintaining strong connections with colleagues encountered along this journey and openly communicating my interests and availability were pivotal in identifying the ideal role for my transition strategy.

Is there any advice or recommendations you would like to give to applicants?

Any prospective applicants I would like to encourage: Embrace your eagerness to learn, embrace change with open arms, be proactive, embrace your ability to take on various roles, and cherish the joy of being a collaborative team player. These qualities will not only open the doors but also contribute to creating a warm and thriving environment.