Chaitanya Aggarwal

Senior Director, Life Science M&A Integrations, Strategy and Transformation Office

Position within Inhouse Consulting: Senior Manager

Time spent with Inhouse Consulting: 5 years

Location: Burlington, USA

What did you like most about Inhouse Consulting?

What I loved about Inhouse Consulting was the global exposure across the company, including Group Functions and Initiatives on group level. There was always a new problem to solve – while having autonomy over projects, and teaming with some of the smartest and nicest colleagues!

How did Inhouse Consulting help you develop your career?

Inhouse Consulting has significantly contributed to my career development in multiple ways. From collaborating with a broad spectrum of teams and tackling new challenges to diversifying my market experience through a move from the US to APAC, the opportunities provided have expanded my network, enhanced my skills, and broadened my perspective.

How was your transition process?

The transition process from Inhouse Consulting was smooth, thanks to the valuable relationships I had built. These connections helped me secure a newly created position within the organization, fostering my continued growth.

Is there any advice or recommendations you would like to give to applicants?

For applicants interested in our Inhouse Consulting, my advice is to embrace the opportunity to explore beyond a single sector. Inhouse Consulting allows you to dive into diverse topics and sectors, uncovering potential interests you may not have known existed. Additionally, prioritize building long-lasting relationships with colleagues you enjoy working with, as these connections can bring valuable support and personal fulfillment throughout your career journey.