Chiara Figazzolo

Global Graduate Program - Darmstadt Office

Which projects are you working on?

Since the start of the program, I have had the opportunity to work on several interesting projects. One of my favorites involved the termination of our Alliance agreement with Pfizer for the product Bavencio, as well as the repatriation of its development, manufacturing, and commercialization rights. As IC, our team supported the planning and successful implementation of this transition across various workstreams and countries. We closely collaborated with the Bavencio Global Brand Team and worked with R&D, Medical, Business Development, Alliance Management, and other functions at both global and local levels.

What is your role in these projects?

The projects I work on are diverse, with each having specific tasks and work packages. For these reasons my work is never boring or repetitive! To maximize my learnings, I collaborate closely with the project lead and team, and take ownership of workstreams that offer the most development opportunities. The skills I frequently apply include stakeholder management, communication, presentation, data analysis, project management, and change management.

Why did you choose the global graduate program?

After completing my PhD, I was strongly committed to work in a highly innovative environment at the interface between science and business. I chose this program because it provides a valuable opportunity to explore my professional interests by experiencing different sectors and functions within the company. I was also drawn to the program's unlimited learning opportunities, trainings, and the chance to collaborate with diverse stakeholders. What better way to begin and shape your career than by enthusiastically exploring the possibilities available to you?

What is your background?

I hold an MPhil in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Biochemistry from the Institut Pasteur. My career journey began at our company with my participation in the Innovation Cup 2021, followed by internships at Inhouse Consulting and the CEO Office. Additionally, I have a strong passion for science communication and have co-founded Piplettes, a free online platform that enables scientists to share their work with the general public. I also strongly believe in giving back, and I actively volunteer in various mentoring programs to support the professional development of young talents.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I love to read espionage books, travel, do sports (especially ski) and play boardgames with my friends! I´m also truly passionate about food (I´m Italian), and always explore new cuisines.

ANY advice for applicants?

My main advice is to be positive, enthusiastic, curious, eager to learn and a team player!