Florian Rausch

Global Graduate Program - Darmstadt Office

Which projects are you working on?

I am currently on a rotational assignment in my second year of the GOglobal Graduate Program. I support the Multichannel Marketing Team in the Global Fertility Franchise in the Healthcare business. My areas of work include global marketing maturity assessments, the development of a novel customer segmentation framework or project management support for a big upcoming conference. Due to the engaging setup of the program, I can experience a completely different function and business every 3-4 months, which is truly unique!

What is your role in these projects?

I handle diverse responsibilities, including both leadership and supporting roles. When leading, I oversee end-to-end project delivery, manage timelines, engage stakeholders, and ensure general project management. To align with overall business goals, I maintain close contact with my immediate managers and regularly update senior leadership.

Why did you choose the global graduate program?

My main motivation was the very unique setup of the program, that can only be found within our company. The opportunity to work in so many different areas of business and build diverse skills and relationships in a very compressed time format is truly outstanding. Another big point of motivation was the opportunity to gather international work experience, which in my case meant to be able to work & live in Boston for 3 months.

What is your background?

I have a scientific background, having studied Biochemistry and Pharmacy. During this time, I already realized that an academic career path was not for me, so I concentrated my efforts on the intersection of science and business through various internships and joining a student consultancy. The GGP was then my first full-time Job after graduating.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I lead a very active lifestyle, so after work I can often be found on my bike, in the climbing gym or at a CrossFit course. I am also a very social person; the GGP was the perfect opportunity to quickly settle into a new place and develop a great set of new friends.

ANY advice for applicants?

I couldn’t recommend this program more; it is a truly great and unique way to experience both professional and personal growth. My main advice is to be open to new opportunities and say “Yes” more often than not, you never know what rewards it will entail!