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Let's hear what our diverse colleagues have to say about sustainability and Inhouse Consulting.


Over the past years, there has been an increasing demand for sustainability from all important stakeholders of a company – ranging from consumers and employees to investors and regulatory bodies. In fact, sustainability has become an essential prerequisite for doing business in the future and holds a tremendous chance for future growth.

To develop an overarching frame providing a clear focus and guidance to our many ongoing and planned sustainability initiatives at company, the Sustainablity Strategy project was launched under sponsorship of our former CEO Stefan Oschmann and continued with his successor CEO Bélen Garijo. We from Inhouse Consulting were asked by our Group Corporate Sustainability to support this project.

Statement Petra Wicklandt
(Head of Corporate Sustainability; Quality & Trade Compliance)
"I really appreciated and enjoyed the great support we received from Inhouse Consulting throughout the development of the Sustainablity Strategy. With the structure they provided and their support in the analysis and strategy development, they were an important factor for the great success of the overall project. With the help of IC we were able to define company-wide targets, clear focus areas and a sustainability roadmap for the company."

Statement Moritz Niemiec
"Sustainability is key value lever for our company, both in creating value for the company, its employees, and shareholders, but also for our customers, and the society as a whole.

Why? Because as acompany, we can make a difference along the entire value chain, be it via responsible sourcing, energy-efficient manufacturing, and climate-neutral logistics and packaging. And even beyond, we enable human progress by supplying everything needed for life science research across the world and creating a better life through vaccinations and medication for our patients.

At IC, we take actively part in translating abstract sustainability goals into tangible actions and outcomes. Sustainability is not a self-explanatory business case and needs the right levers and the right incentivation to be implemented successfully across the organization.

We at IC have been part our Sustainability Journey since the development of the Sustainability Strategy several years ago, and we are proud to keep on supporting in the future."


Statement Julian Schulligen
"Sustainability has become an essential component of our DNA. I was lucky enough to gain first-hand experience by supporting not one but two Sustainability projects right after joining our Inhouse Consulting (IC). One project was an ongoing IC supporting in implementing the overall company Group Sustainability strategy which IC helped to develop in previous project phases.

The second project was focused on analyzing our company’s greenhouse gas footprint and identifying abatement levers to reach the ambitious CO2e reduction targets defined in the above-mentioned Group Sustainability strategy.

My personal highlight was yet a third Sustainability project: “Think and Act Sustainably” which was initiated as one of four Enterprise Priorities by our CEO Bélen Garijo. Here we worked in a large team of Inhouse Consultants and colleagues from various functions across all business sectors. The overall goal was to further accelerate the implementation of sustainability across all sectors and regions. It was a unique and rewarding experience to work on a project with such direct top level management exposure.

The continuous IC support along our company's sustainability journey is a great success story for us"


Statement Carolin Richter, Jodie Lo
(Global Graduate Program)
“Sustainability is one of the hot topics of our generation. To reach climate neutrality, social equality, and economic sustainability, we need companies that lead the way.

When entering our company, we were excited to learn about the various sustainability initiatives across the company. Having the opportunity to further define and support the roll-out of our sustainability strategy by working closely together with top management was an extremely rewarding experience.

It was fun to collaborate with bright minds and shape the future of our company from day one.”

Statement Sonia Ng
"Sustainability is near and dear to my heart as it has a profound impact to my family, friends, colleagues, customers and business partners.  From achieving human progress, creating a sustainable value chain and to achieving climate neutrality, there is something that I can contribute, no matter how big or small.

Which is why I was ecstatic when I had the opportunity to join forces with the global team to work on the ‘Think and Act Sustainably’ Enterprise Priority.  This is a really good example of a global project, since the team was comprised of IC colleagues and clients from Germany, China, Singapore, Switzerland, United States and many more countries. The overall objective of the project was to mobilize the entire organization from leaders to front-line staff to think and act sustainably while contributing to our three sustainability goals.

The results of our work were multi-faceted and with reach that spans across our three business sectors (Healthcare, Life Science, Electronics) and Group Functions. As an IC Consultant, I am very proud and grateful to be part of this collaborative team that can make an impact on the organization and the world."

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