Jennifer Yao

Our Consultants - US Office

How would you describe your job?​

Fun and exciting 

What are your typical responsibilities at work?

The context and the problem keep evolving and changing every day. I like the new knowledge and challenges this role presents to me every time there is a new project. I also enjoy working with the business to solve the problem together and see the real impact on the business.

Why did you choose the Global Graduate Program?

I enjoy learning new topics and knowledge. Working as an Inhouse Consultant offers me opportunities to get exposed to new ideas and new challenges while working closely with internal clients.

What is your educational background?

Before joining IC, I was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Dallas. I have worked on diverse topics, incl. spin-off support, corporate strategy, portfolio and pricing strategy, long-term transformation, and due diligence across retail, healthcare, biotech, and industry goods industries.