Jessalyn Kohn

Our Associate – US Office

How would you describe your job?​

Every day is different, but in general I spend my days helping teams solve some of their most pressing challenges, whether that’s through conducting an in-depth analysis, bringing together stakeholders, or offering an unbiased perspective.

What are your typical responsibilities at work?

I am currently in my second station with the US Patient Access Solutions (PAS) team on a project aimed at improving our copay assistance programs. These programs are critical to ensure cost is not a barrier to patients accessing our life-changing therapies. I’m working closely with the PAS Strategy and Operations teams on several aspects from coordinating with external support partners to developing patient-focused change communications. In my daily tasks, I draw extensively upon my educational knowledge and my experience from working on projects across our life science and healthcare sectors to bring a holistic perspective and drive progress.  

Why did you choose the Global Graduate Program?

Coming out of graduate school, I wanted to work in consulting for a while to further explore different functional areas in healthcare and life sciences, without the typical external consulting lifestyle. The Global Graduate Program offered the perfect opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects while also building strong relationships within the company to prepare my transfer into the business.

What is your educational background?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Environmental, Soil, and Water Science from the University of Arkansas; and an MBA and Master of Public Health from Washington University in St. Louis.