Generalist or Subject Matter Expert?

What is the key value that an Inhouse Consultant brings to the table?

Like external management consulting we structure and drive the consulting project to achieve the specified deliverables. For this purpose, we provide methodology, analyses, question the status quo and develop a concept or provide options to support decision-making. Within our Inhouse Consultancy we are not specialized, but provide management consulting services for a variety of topics, such as strategy development, process optimization, or change management

Is content knowledge the key to success?

When starting a project with an internal client, the Inhouse consultant needs to get familiar with the business of the respective sector. If the project aims for instance on developing a business strategy, the consultant needs to understand the product portfolio, customer needs and market dynamics to be a valuable partner for the internal client. Just providing general methodology or frameworks is not adding enough value, when this does not come with a sound understanding of the business environment.

Are you developing experts?

Our Inhouse consultants need to understand the content up to a reasonable level. They need to be able to challenge the status quo, question internal dogma, and identify gaps where company-external experts should be involved. Within our Inhouse Consultancy, we do not aim to develop internal experts, but agile future leaders for the company. Therefore, the project assignments for consultants over time are typically very different and not limited to one internal client or one area of expertise.

Is educational background relevant?

Within our Inhouse Consultancy we have a broad variety of educational backgrounds, such as economics, biology, chemistry, or engineering. For the project assignments the educational background is less important. Certainly, the ramp-up phase could be shortened if the consultant has specific experience in the respective industry or function. However, we aim to develop our consultants into management roles outside of Inhouse Consulting. Earning the credentials is more important in this regard: A lawyer by education might not be the obvious choice as product manager for organic solvents. But everything is possible and there is no black and white.

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