Kahina Lang

Executive Director – Head of Targeted mRNA Delivery

First position after transitioning from Inhouse Consulting: Associate Director – Group Strategy (Strategy & Transformation)

Time spent with Inhouse Consulting: 2 years

Loaction: Darmstadt, Germany

What did you like most about Inhouse Consulting?

Mostly I valued the challenging spirit of the program, where working alongside consultants with high expectations became a driving force for skill development and adaptability across various roles. A particularly meaningful project for me was a five-month rotation in Australia, where I assumed immediate responsibility for leading the expansion into New Zealand and successfully launching products from the Australian pipeline. The diverse community at Inhouse Consulting allowed me to connect with people from all over the world, making my time in the program truly memorable and fun.

How did Inhouse Consulting help you develop your career?

By constantly rotating through the projects, I learned the operational methods and decision-making processes of different management teams and being in these different positions allowed me to create a network of like-minded people. Becoming part of the incredible alumni community was also an invaluable aspect of my career development.

How was your transition process?

In general, having been part of Inhouse Consulting was a career booster, because its reputation precedes us. The Graduate program also enables you to broaden your internal network rapidly as you transition through your different projects. At the end of the two years, I had different transition opportunities, including some in teams where I did rotations, but instead I decided to join Group Strategy where I had not worked. I made that choice to widen my experiences before joining Healthcare R&D.

Is there any advice or recommendations you would like to give to applicants?

Don´t be scared to go all the way! As part of this unique program, you will work closely with driven colleagues and have access to diverse opportunities to advance your career. Talking to a current trainee can help guide you with the application process, but most importantly prepare yourself for the case cracking and be ready to answer questions about the company. Don´t give up in the middle of the process; to succeed, you must try!