Rebecca Lebeaux

Global Graduate Program - Boston Office

Which projects are you working on?

I’ve had the opportunity to work on data-focused projects across all sectors. Some examples include creating a 2030 vision for digital transformation in Electronics R&D and determining requirements for a multi-sector data catalog solution. An ongoing project I’m supporting is with the Data, Digital, and IT team in healthcare R&D. Generative AI has wide applicability to improve efficiency and reduce costs but there’s limited processes in place to make these ideas a reality. As a result, we’re creating a standardized agile delivery model to develop high-value R&D generative AI use cases quickly.

What is your role in these projects?

On most of the data and digital projects I’ve supported, I’m the project manager serving as the go-between R&D business owners, programmers, IT colleagues, and strategy managers. This requires an agile mindset and the ability to understand and assess situations from technical, financial, and practical perspectives. As technical advances in the data space quickly evolve, I always aim to build solutions that are sustainable, scalable, and are clear value-adds.

Why did you choose the global graduate program?

There were two main reasons I chose the global graduate program: First, professional development opportunities and second, the people. With minimal management consulting experience, I felt the 2-year structure of this program would help me quickly develop these skillsets in the first year while also enabling me to explore data-driven roles across sectors through functional rotations in year two. The vibrancy and commitment to self-improvement I witnessed among colleagues throughout the interview process and during my prior internship at the company sealed the deal.

What is your background?

Prior to joining Inhouse Consulting, I completed a PhD in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences (an interdisciplinary program in epidemiology, biostatistics, and bioinformatics) at Dartmouth. During my PhD, I completed an internship in Life Science Business Strategy at our company which sparked my interest in exploring roles at the intersection of data science and business.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

Outside of work, I recently completed a personal goal of mine which was running my first marathon. In my free time you’ll find me hanging with friends, family, or my cat Darwin.

ANY advice for applicants?

Don’t forget that interviews go both ways; ask insightful questions throughout the interview process to evaluate if the position is a good fit.