Shi Han Tay

Our Associate – Singapore Office

How would you describe your job?​

There is never really a dull moment! Shifting projects every 3-4 months provides a constant learning curve to satisfy my curiosity. On top of that, I get to co-create solutions with other colleagues from a diverse background and culture. It’s amazing how much talent we have across the organization!

What is your role in these projects?

Given the nature of station assignments, I am the project lead for all of the projects while having a sponsor that is accountable for the deliverable. For example, in the APAC Healthcare Data & Digital station, I was required to deliver a PowerBI Dashboard that would allow centralized reporting of countries’ KPIs for quarterly business review. Station assignments in Year 2 offer a unique role to independently lead projects and apply my learnings from Year 1 supporting consultants.

Why did you choose the Global Graduate Program?

The Program offers a unique opportunity to high potential individuals with dual interest in both natural science and business. As an individual with prior work experience, I really enjoyed that the program empowered me at Day 1 to deliver impact in projects. The station rotations in Year 2 allow you to customize your development and network to fit your long-term career interest. This makes the GGP a great starting point for my career!

What is your background?

Before joining our company, I was a Regulatory Affairs and Product Safety Manager at Procter & Gamble. I also have an educational background geared towards the Sciences, with a Bachelors in Life Sciences and a Master of Science in Toxicology.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

In my spare time, I enjoy HIIT workouts to keep myself active, especially after a long day in front of a laptop. I also enjoy travelling and photography to experience a diversity of culture and unique cuisines.

ANY advice for applicants?

If you do not have prior experience in consulting case interviews, simply google for some materials / videos so you can better prepare yourself and understand the skillsets we are looking for!