Sonia Ng

Our Consultants – Singapore Office

How would you describe your job?​

As an Inhouse Consultant, I consult and collaborate with my colleagues to tackle some of their biggest and highest priority challenges. My job is to help them solve problems, brainstorm ideas and get them to be implementation-ready.

What are your daily challenges? What do you like most about your job?​

The best parts of my job are: its close proximity to my clients (in this case, also colleagues at our company); the opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded consultants from various countries; and to be able to make an impact on the business, customers and patients.

Why did you choose to work as an Inhouse Consultant?

I chose to work as an Inhouse Consultant because it was a natural transition from external consulting into the industry. I was curious about the company and its three businesses. The clients and project topics are very diverse: In the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver a global project on sustainability, a people strategy for APAC healthcare, as well as a growth strategy for the Japan life science business.

What did you do before you joined IC?​

My academic background was in biomedical engineering and healthcare administration. Previously, I worked in external consulting for clients in healthcare, life sciences and public sector across Canada and APAC countries.