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Biopharmaceutical companies today are under immense pressure to get products to market faster, with every day of delay costing millions in lost revenue. An emerging solution is the integration of software, automation and analytics into biomanufacturing facilities’ operations to intensify biologic production, with a vision toward connected and continuous processing. The biopharmaceutical industry is on a journey to evolve and digitize the next generation of bioprocessing to increase speed and lower costs. Bioprocessing 4.0 signifies this new approach to manufacturing. The BioContinuum™ Platform is key driver of this evolution. It is integrated to the Life Science business of Merck. Learn more about the market trends and drivers that guide us.

Learn more about the market trends and drivers that guide us.

An overview of the BioContinuumTM Platform team

The BioContinuumTMPlatform is a team of 130/250  based all over the globe with 3 main locations: United States, France and India. Our team is composed with a high diversity of profiles from Bioprocessing scientists and engineers to a wide range of digital and IT specialists passing through marketing and commercial experts. Our experts work together both the provide today’s and tomorrow’s solutions for the Bioprocessing industry to answer faster the patient needs.By nature, we are an open-minded, agile and multicultural team. We are also deeply convinced that Diversity and Inclusion is a key of the team success.

Many members of the team are involved in the Merck / Millipore Sigma  D&I initiatives.The BioContinuum™ Platform leadership team is convinced that the right team and best people is the first key to achieve our goals. They ensure day after day that our core values of Team, Trust, Pioneer are alive and concrete for all of us. 

Based on the “4C strategy” of the Life Science business: control, connect, collect and collaborate.

 Control is the basis of everything Merck does to run all of its systems. Connect refers to making digital connections between different process steps and giving that visibility to the entire process. Collect is the ability to gather all data into one place and maintain and validate the integrity of that data. Collaborate is how Merck will deliver these technologies to its customers in real time.

The BioContinuum™ Platform team is working to build and provide solutions to answer the need of each “C”. To have a concrete view of what our products can offer to our customers, you can have to look to the coupes of videos below.

  • Position 1

    St. Louis
    You are responsible for designing, deploying, and optimizing our data and data pipeline architecture on our data engineering team.
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  • Position 2

    This role is a unique blend of strategic and execution focused analytical data governance to enable exceptional business outcome.
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  • Position 3

    As part of the Global People Data & Technology team you will contribute to establishing data & technology.
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