Everyone acts as a Recruiter

Hiring great people is critical to the future success of our organization.

What do we mean?

Our employees are the heartbeat of our company. For the collective success of the company, we all can and should contribute to recruiting by acting as a recruiter.

Do you know someone with lots to offer who could be a great match for our company? Then do your part to recruit them.

We have created easy tips and helpful tools that will support you be an even better ambassador for our great company.

Imagine you can bring your friend to the company

Get inspired by these heartwarming referral stories across the globe:

Unleash the impact of Social Media

How to talk about us offline

THERE IS......nothing like face-to-face human interaction even though social media is a wonderful way to stay in touch. You’re at a social event and someone asks about your career or what you do for work.We’re confident you’ll have great things to say. 

Participate in our referral program

Are there other ways to refer someone? 

You can have......

your referral candidates select “employee referral” and refer to your name as the recommending party
when they apply to any open position.

Did we mention you might get paid for your efforts?

In most of our areas of operation, we give bonuses for referrals made through our career site, internal job portal, or on social platforms. You can check with your local HR rep for specifics – and if your site participates, be sure to attach your name to your candidate!

Everyone Acts as a Recruiter.
What’s in it for me?

....is key: to reach our growth ambition we will need to attract more bright and innovative minds like you to join our company– and we are much more likely to get there by working hand in hand and promoting our company as a great employer.

This could be through raising awareness on social media, encouraging friends and family to apply, or leveraging referral programs.

Through this collective effort, we are confident we can get there as a global team!