With a job at our company you have the opportunity to advance science and technology – and your own career.

Start creating your journey of discovery

Together with around 60,300 colleagues in 66 countries, you will work on technologies that make life better. And in turn, we will support you in fulfilling your personal ambitions so you can let your curiosity take you wherever you wish. Find out how our company can become your next career step, which local and global opportunities are available, and which job offer suits your qualifications best.

Drive your own development

A career at our company is a map full of avenues to explore. There are many paths you can choose and we want to do everything we can to help you fulfill your ambitions and reach your professional goals. Depending on your personal ambitions, we encourage you to take on new challenges and support you in developing your skills. 

We are convinced that everyone has talent!

We invest in the development of all of our people, because our fundamental belief is that everyone has talent. And there are many ways to grow! We are convinced that a large part of your learning is done on the job. We trust you with responsibility and appreciate those who want to seek new horizons, e.g. by taking over areas you were not yet acquainted with or the lead in larger projects.

We believe that your achievements are the basis to the power of our teams. Therefore, a lot of your learning will naturally come through the knowledge and experience you gain by interacting with colleagues and partners. They are located around the globe and provide the perfect possibility to work beyond national boundaries and across cultures and social backgrounds.

Of course, you can also learn via formal training. Here are some examples of our globally established development programs:

  • For first time managers we offer the Managerial Foundation Program that supports managers with their transition from self-management to the management of others.
  • Managers of managers can take part in the Advanced Management Program helping them to lead global, virtual teams in ways.
  • Our Growth Markets Management program operates in emerging markets for local executives from regions such as China, the Middle East, India and Latin America to address the needs in their differing business environments.
  • For high potentials, early in career, the International Management program, prepares them for a future leadership role and provides visibility and interaction with Top Management. For more senior leaders, the University sponsored by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, run in cooperation with top international universities, offers a multi-regional one-year program. 
  • We also believe in encouraging our employees to share their love of discovery by developing new skills, so we partner with schools around the world through SPARK, our global volunteer initiative.

Your country may have specific development programs for the role you are applying for, so please ask about this during the application and/or the interview process.

Our promise to you

If you choose to join us, we promise you will…

  • Experience the joy of curiosity, no matter where you’re located and what role you have.
  • Foster fruitful partnerships, whether they are within our internal teams or external cooperations.
  • Fulfill your personal ambitions, which should be responsive to you as an individual, your aspirations and potential.
  • Advance technologies for life, which is the ultimate reason our company exists.

Curious? This is how you become part of our team:

1. You apply

  • You create an account in our online application system.
  • You fill out your candidate profile (which can be used for other applications as well) and apply for a specific job.

2. We screen

  • We have a close look at your application.
  • We send you feedback within 3-4 weeks.
  • In case of positive feedback, you enter the selection process.

3. We assess

  • If required for the job, you participate in our online Virtual Assessment Center.
  • You are interviewed by phone, video/skype and/or face-to-face.

4. We both decide

  • Ideally you perfectly fit to us! In any case, we’ll send you feedback.
  • We hope you consider us as your next employer.
  • If you do, we agree on a formal job offer.

5. You join us

  • You will receive the link to our „Welcome Portal” so you can get to know us before your first day.
  • Onboarding preparation starts. 

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