Functional Graduate Program

Functional Graduate Program

The Functional Graduate Program is addressing ambitious graduates who want to unleash their potential within a specific business function. In the course of your individual rotation plan, you get the chance to broaden your experience and gain insights into diverse aspects of the respective function. Through its set-up, the program offers you a great opportunity for networking and intercultural exchange. You will receive a limited contract for 24 months *¹ *². However, it is our clear objective to place all GOglobal graduates into permanent roles following successful completion of the program.

The home bases are mainly located in Darmstadt (Germany), Shanghai (China) and/or the greater Boston area (USA). 

Most of the programs consist of three assignments*³:

  • First assignment: will take place at your home base.
  • Second assignment: you will be going international to one of our subsidiaries around the globe.
  • Third assignment: you will get the chance to broaden your perspective and gain experience in a different functional scope or business area.

Start date:

  • Our Functional Graduate Programs kick off several times throughout the year.
  • If you are interested, please check at our job portal for current vacancies.

*¹  except for Finance, see below  *² except for intakes in China where you will receive a limited contract for 36 months  *³ except for Finance and HR, see below

You can choose between the following Functional Graduate Programs