Why work with us?

Working at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany goes far beyond just having a job to make ends meet. With a job at our company, you have exciting new possibilities to follow your curiosity wherever it takes you.

Bring your curiosity to life

To us, our employees are more than lab coats, blue-collars, suits or faces amongst many others. Around the world we employ discoverers, we clear the way for pioneers and encourage bold innovators.

As part of our team you can contribute to shaping how our world lives, works and plays – through next generation advancements in science and technology. From improving electronic devices with smarter materials to generating ultra pure water, testing the quality of food and drugs, and treating cancer, we always promote opportunities to break new ground.

Curious minds worldwide

  • 350+

    years of curiosity have shaped our company.

  • 62k

    employees contribute to our success with their passion and curiosity.

  • 66

    countries in which our global team advances science and technology.

Fulfill your personal ambitions

At our company you can either explore a map full of exciting avenues or create a whole new path for yourself. In our diverse organization we encourage career moves between businesses. We entrust people with responsibilities early in their career and back them in taking calculated risks. And because we know that your life and priorities may change, we support you in making the right choices for yourself as well as your career – whether or not it is a traditional route.

We also know that the battle is best won together. We believe that the power of our teams exponentially builds on the achievements of our individuals – that is why we reward both. Our people’s agility and ability to collaborate helps our company adapt to ever-changing scientific and economic situations. It’s no wonder we have reinvented ourselves time and time again, over hundreds of years, and always remained ahead of the curve. With all this in mind, a career at our company can be an ongoing journey of personal discovery. So take success into your own hands and bring your curiosity to life as part of our team!

Why Lekha works with us

With us you can become an enabler of communication, e.g. by joining the liquid crystal research. That’s what motivates Lekha to work with our company.

Why Jascha works with us

We offers many possibilities to develop and interact with people from different areas of the company. That’s what motivates Jascha to work with us.

Why Teresa works with us

With us, you can foster fruitful partnerships, whether they are within our internal teams or external cooperations. That’s what motivates Teresa to work with us.

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